How Do We Improve Innovation

If you have already taken a bath or a walk, then you had an idea. If you have previously attended a meeting, you shared or heard an idea. If you believe that idea generation is directly related to innovation and you do not think it is very creative, your ability to innovate will be hindered. This article will explain on how do we improve innovation.


Ways to Improve Innovation

In fact, generating ideas is only part of the innovation process; Recognizing that you need more than just ideas is an important step to be more innovative. There are six things you can do to generate innovations individually or as a group leader. As you might expect, these steps will lead you to more than just better ideas, but to changes that, when implemented, will make a difference in your results.


1. Agree with the situation.


The best place to start a problem-solving or innovation project is to have a clear understanding and agreement about what the problem, the situation, or the opportunity is. Take the time to overcome what may seem obvious. Experience shows that many opportunities are never exploited because this first step is never completed.


2. Return to see.


Once you have a clear understanding of the direction of your innovation, take a step back and get a perspective. This can be done by asking questions to generate a new view and providing time and space before continuing the innovation process. If possible, ask a few questions about changing perspective and the table of tasks until later. While you certainly want to analyze your situation from new perspectives, it is also helpful to give people time to delve into these perspectives.


3. Make an inventory of what you have.


Give yourself, or the group, time to take stock of the resources, ideas, and strengths you already have that will help you in this innovation exercise. Too often, these things are only considered much later. By acknowledging them and inventing them now, they will begin to drive ideas and allow their innovations to complement their strengths and resources.


4. Affirms that you can.


To create more ideas, you must believe that you can. Doing the first three steps prepares concepts in your mind, creating a process to stimulate senses and provide evidence that you can do it. Do not get me wrong, your belief that we can be creative is essential. Taking the first three steps here will automatically reinforce your belief through action.


5. Think more


Once you have a list of ideas (even huge ones), examine them for yourself. Yes, there are things that could be implemented or could be part of a solution. Do not just look for the only correct answer. Think instead regarding how many of these ideas you can say yes. How many of them can be part of your solution? Once you have your list of yes, then you are ready for the next step.


6. Interim


The last key to innovation action is to act. Too often, you spend more time creating ideas and plans without spending too much time capitalizing on these ideas or not at all.




Innovation is more than ideas. Ideas in themselves have no value. Change comes from putting ideas into action and implementing this plan. To improve your results and solve problems more effectively, take innovative steps.